Roofless Records



Roofless was founded in 2007 by Miami native, Matthew Preira, during his Senior year at New College of Florida in Sarasota. After four years of booking shows on campus and in town, the label was founded to document the burgeoning eclectic music and performance art scene.

After graduation, Roofless relocated to Miami, and has since expanded and redeveloped its curatorial focus. While still producing music in physical format releases, the project has also become a conceptual event production company.

Since September of 2009, Roofless has produced over 100 events, including but not limited to concerts, concerts in movie theaters, record nights, art exhibitions, booths at art fairs, 30 bands in 30 minute self-dares, baptisms, and variety shows.

Roofless is committed to nearly nothing, but we champion the freeform and the unfamiliar.


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